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Our Philosophy


At Gunning Early Learning Centre, we believe that the rights of a child are paramount. We respect that all children hold a unique place in the community and are committed to providing an environment for children that encourages a sense of being, belonging and becoming. Our educators understand the importance of building respectful and trusting relationships with children. Current research shows that the earliest years of a child’s development form the foundation of their understanding of the world. It is important to us that we create socially responsible community members and support children to reach their full potential. 


Our educators believe children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play, based around their individual strengths, interests and emerging development. This belief is based upon the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework both of which form the foundation of our education program. Experiences are child initiated, play based, planned and spontaneous with educators engaging in intentional teaching opportunities to facilitate and extend each child’s learning and development.


Our classrooms provide a warm, safe, and stimulating environment that meet the holistic needs of every child. Our learning spaces encourage open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connection with our environment. Educators model fairness, equity and social justice supporting all children to develop responsibility and achieve autonomy. 


We strive to build relationships with families based on co-operation and mutual respect for the shared roles that each play in the lives of the child. Partnerships with families are paramount and provide us with invaluable information relating to the child, their family and their background. We recognise the vital role families play as a child’s first teacher, developing reciprocal partnerships with all families. Our open-door policy aims to support family participation and communication, welcoming input from all. We believe that collaborative partnerships enhance children’s inclusion, learning and well-being. We value the diversity, beliefs and traditions of all acknowledging and respecting the diversity of individual families. We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders past, present and future. Acknowledging the stories and traditions of the Ngunnawal people as the traditional owners of the land on which we work, learn and play. 


We consider collaborative partnerships with the community and other professionals essential in the support of all children and families. We work hard to ensure a positive rapport in the local community in relation to the Centre and our educators, participating in community events and programs wherever possible. Community resources and information are made available to all families. Partnerships with industry professionals assist staff development and expansion of the curriculum to meet the individual and collective needs of all children. Needs based on cultural identity, additional support education and medical interventions which all require greater individual knowledge and supported cooperative teams, assures all children are facilitated in an inclusive environment as best as possible.


We value the knowledge, experience, and commitment of our educators and support their unique abilities. We invest in the future of Early Childhood Education and Care providing individualised training and professional development. Through positive working relationships and a mentoring approach; educators in training will gain on the job experience and knowledge to further their skills.  We believe it is essential to ensure consistency of educators and to maintain consistent care practices. 


In relation to the environment and sustainability we believe children will learn to respect the natural environment and begin to understand the importance of caring for it, through participation and engagement with nature. Educators strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily routines acting as positive role models and supporting children to participate in sustainable practices. Children are encouraged to actively participate in maintaining gardens, caring for animals, recycling and water saving.

We believe that early childhood is a celebration of learning, of being, of belonging and becoming that when nurtured, fosters resilient individuals that positively contribute to their community and society.

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