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Once your child has been offered a position within the centre, you will be provided with an enrolment package to fill out and return to the centre prior to your child’s commencement date. If it is identified at this time that your child has any additional needs, a medical condition or acute allergy, the centre will work with you to assess how they can best meet the needs of your child and family. 

Enrolment is accepted once all forms are completed and returned within the specified timeframe

Enrolment Pack (Provided Upon Enrolment)

  • Enrolment Form

  • Parent Handbook

  • Child Profile Form

  • Storypark Information Sheet

  • CCS Information

  • Information Brochures

  • Enrolment Checklist


Our orientation process aims at supporting all children and families to feel comfortable with the centre environment and form trusting and warm relationships with our educators.

After enrolment acceptance, the Centre Director will arrange all new families to attend orientation visits at the centre. Information relating to your child’s routine (e.g. sleeping/eating/toileting) is discussed with your childs primary educators during the orientation visits.

Orientation visits are offered and flexible to the needs of your child and family. New children are invited to attend the centre for short periods of time with one or both parents/guardians. This allows the children and parents to become familiar with the centre and develop relationships with our educators. We recommend a short first day to assist all children with the transition into their new education & care environment.  

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